welcome to a taste of mindfulness!

Join me as I explore my passions of writing, cooking, and mental health advocacy. Using writing and food as a method of healing and strengthening the way I relate to myself and the world around me!


Cam Wimberly

is foremost a writer, as well as a lover of cooking, literature, and all things mental health.

My Recent Blog Posts

  • routines & apple pie

    There’s something comforting in routine and tradition. Especially as we live in a world where things seem so unpredictable and chaotic at times, it can be a huge relief to stick to the tried and true habits that we’ve formed over the years. Following a daily routine has been proven to alleviate anxiety and depression,……

  • reflections on a busy summer

    I have once again fallen into the trap of writing all the time, but not posting anything on here. A few months ago, I would’ve beaten myself up about this, reminding myself that I had a plan and a schedule. After all, plans and schedules are made for a reason, are they not? Fortunately, I’ve……

  • 17 Lessons I Learned in 2020, plus 3 Habits for 2021!

    Well, I know I’m not alone when I say that last year was super eye-opening for me. I’ve been luckier than most people; my family and friends are safe and healthy, I have food and shelter, I’m able to focus on my education. “Blessed” is honestly an understatement when it comes to describing my 2020……



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