Tyreese Smith: My College Experience As A Black Student

This post was written by my friend and fellow blogger, Tyreese Smith. Keep reading to hear about his first semester of college and how he overcame some obstacles in life! College is a new experience for a lot of us. Leaving high school, saying goodbye to our loved ones and adjusting to adulthood, it can…… Continue reading Tyreese Smith: My College Experience As A Black Student

major life changes

The past six months have been absolutely crazy, and it doesn’t look like life has any intention of slowing down anytime soon.  My own life has been full of new experiences and opportunities, some good, some scary, but all have helped me grow and understand myself better.  So this post is basically just an update…… Continue reading major life changes

control freak

How many of you can relate to being a control freak? I know I can! When I was in elementary school and we did group projects, I can remember getting an uncontrollable urge to take over. I would plan out what needed to be done, doling out responsibilities like nobody’s business. Of course, since my…… Continue reading control freak